Chinese man works out every day for years – you won't believe his age

Chinese man works out every day for years – you won't believe his age

Chinese ‘Arnie’ who has worked out every day for decades shares his strict training and eating regime – and you’ll be stunned by his REAL age

  • Yang Xinmin is in his 70s but the veteran bodybuilder looks like he’s 30
  • Mr Xinmin was one of China’s first bodybuilders in the early 1980s
  • His daily workouts and a diet strictly based on fibre and protein are key 
  • The ‘Iron Grandpa’ said he wants to ‘push the limits of the human body’ 

A Chinese man who has been bodybuilding for 40 years has revealed the secrets to his ageless physique.

Yang Xinmin is 72 years old but looks better than most 30-year-old’s, squats 170 kilos and has the bone density of a much younger man, according to his doctor.

The fitness trainer was one of the earliest exponents of bodybuilding in China, entering the country’s first contest for the sport with 38 other participants in 1983.  

‘We made our own barbells, dumbbells, horizontal bars and parallel bars [to train],’ he said. 

Yang Xinmin, a pioneer bodybuilder in China since the 1980s, continues to pump iron into his 70s

Mr Xinmin squats 170kg and has the bone density of much younger man, his doctor said

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr Xinmin won more than 100 trophies and medals in his career.

But it’s his devotion to maintaining his competition-era physique into senior age that is most impressive. 

‘My body shape, muscle strength and power are better than most young people even though I’m [into my 70s] now,’ he said.

‘Exercise is the most important part of my life. Through my years of experience, being a champion is no longer my goal. 

‘My goal is maintaining health and anti-ageing in order to have energy to do something else.’

‘I’m confident that I can keep training until I’m 75 years old,’ Mr Xinmin said


* Strict diet focused on fibre and protein which Xinmin has followed for the past 10 years. 

* 6-8 eggs for breakfast, as well as tomatoes, cucumber, oatmeal and chicken breast. 

* Morning jog every day.

* Followed by strength training for an hour and a half each day. 

* ‘When strength training, remember three things,’ Mr Xinmin said. ‘Make sure the movements are standard. Build muscle and shed fat. Try and improve your balance.’

* Self-discipline and persistence. 

‘To maintain my health and body status at my age could only be by the accumulations of years and years of daily workouts,’ Mr Xinmin said. 

‘My goal is maintaining health and anti-aging in order to have the energy to do something else,’ Mr Xinmin said

Mr Xinmin said he wanted to push the limits of the human body by training well into his 80s

It’s an achievement that has seen the online bodybulding community dub him the ‘Iron Grandpa.’ 

A strict diet based around fibre and protein, a regular daily routine, self-discipline and good sleep are the keys to Mr Xinmin’s appearance, he said.

‘I’m confident that I can keep training until I’m 75 years old,’ he said. 

‘Then hopefully I can keep training when I’m 80. And then 85. 

‘I want to push the limits of the human body.’

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