Dead influencer Alexis Sharkey’s mom had to ‘fight’ son-in-law to see body

Dead influencer Alexis Sharkey’s mom had to ‘fight’ son-in-law to see body

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The mother of dead Texas influencer Alexis Sharkey said she finally got to hold a viewing and say goodbye — after a more than two-week “fight” with her daughter’s uncooperative husband.

Stacey Robinault told Fox 26 that she wanted to bring her daughter’s remains home to Pennsylvania from Houston, where the 26-year-old’s naked body was found on the side of a road late last month.

She said her 49-year-old son-in-law Tom Sharkey initially seemed cooperative and on board with the plan.

“As her husband, he would have primary custody of what determined what happened with her, and he had said all along that he was willing to let her come home,” Robinault told the station.

But Sharkey instead completely cut communication.

The grieving mom had nearly given up hope of being able to lay her daughter to rest until the medical examiner eventually made her next of kin, after two weeks of no responses from the widower, Robinault told Fox 26.

“I didn’t think I was gonna get her, and I had actually given up hope, when all of the sudden the forensics lab called me,” Robinault said.

“It just was a very strange … I’d almost call it fight, to get her,” she said.

Robinault arranged a viewing Friday, with some of her late daughter’s friends flying to Houston to say their final goodbyes.

“We had just the very closest of family,” the mom said. “It was very private.”

The report did not say what happened to the body after the viewing, although Fox 26 noted that an autopsy has yet to be released as the ongoing investigation awaits the results of a toxicology report.

Tom Sharkey did not respond to requests for comment, FOX 26 said. He has previously denied there were problems in their marriage after friends of his late wife claimed the pair were having issues and that Alexis was in the process of filing for divorce.

Houston police said it was still investigating.

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