Did killer cabbie slaughter 29 women?

Did killer cabbie slaughter 29 women?

Did killer cabbie slaughter 29 women? Double murderer Christopher Halliwell is linked to dozens more ‘victims’ by new book – including chef Claudia Lawrence as police search ponds

  • Former taxi driver is serving a whole life sentence for killing Becky Godden-Edwards and Sian O’Callaghan
  • Police investigation into murders made into a 2019 ITV drama called A Confession, starring Martin Freeman 
  • New book suggests he had dozens more victims, which would make him one of Britain’s worst serial killers 

A mug shot of convicted double murderer Christopher Halliwell

Notorious double killer Christopher Halliwell could be linked to 27 more murders, a new book sensationally claims.

The former taxi driver, 53, is serving a whole life sentence for killing Becky Godden-Edwards, 20, and Sian O’Callaghan, 22, who he abducted while they were leaving nightclubs in Swindon, Wiltshire, in 2011.

The police investigation into the murders was made into a 2019 ITV drama called A Confession, starring Martin Freeman as lead investigator Detective Superintendent Steve Fulcher. 

Now the authors of a new book suggest he targeted dozens of women over 20 years before dumping their often mutilated bodies after taking their clothes as a trophy. This could make him one of Britain’s worst ever serial killers.

The 53-year-old has long been linked to other murders, including that of Claudia Lawrence, a chef from York. 

Police are currently searching lakes and woodland in their hunt for the missing 35-year-old, who vanished 12 years ago. 

The claims Halliwell had 27 more victims are made in The New Millennium Serial Killer a book by former police intelligence officer Chris Clark and crime writer Bethan Trueman.  

In 1990, Ann Heron , 44, was murdered in Darlington, while shop owner Trevaline Evans , 52, vanished from Llangollen, in North Wales. Both have been named as Halliwell’s possible victims 

The Mirror has obtained an exclusive extract of the book. 

The killer kept a secret store of 60 items of women’s clothing, unearthed by police in 2011, some 15 miles from where Ms O’Callaghan’s body was found.

Out of the 60 items, only two have ever been identified – a cardigan worn by Ms Godden and one of Ms O’Callaghan’s high-heeled boots.

But DS Fulcher – who has always insisted Halliwell has more victims – believes the stash could be a sick memento of his undiscovered crimes, reflecting a roll call of the women he has targeted.

He wrote in the book’s forward: ‘There is overwhelming evidence pointing to the notion that Halliwell is responsible for many further victims beyond the two murders for which he’s been convicted.’

Mr Clark and Ms Trueman believe Halliwell could be behind three killings by the East Lancashire Ripper, who brutally murdered and sexually mutilated three women but was never caught.

They also examine the disappearance of three women in Wiltshire, Halliwell’s home county, as well as the murder of Halliwell’s neighbour Sally Ann John. The fiend was said to have been ‘obsessed’ with the 23-year-old, who vanished in September 1995.

The 53-year-old has long been linked to other murders, including that of Claudia Lawrence, a chef from York (seen on the right with her father, Peter)

Police are currently searching lakes and woodland in Yorkshire as part of their hunt for the missing 35-year-old, who vanished 12 years ago 

Roll call of horror: Are these Halliwell’s other victims? 

Elia Karjalainen , 23

Here are the other women who the authors of The New Millennium Serial Killer have named as possible victims of Christopher Halliwell: 

1983: The remains of nurse Elia Karjalainen, 23, were found at Barnham Woods on the 2,100-acre Blenheim estate in Woodstock on November 25, 1983. 

She was believed to have been abducted and murdered while out hitch hiking. 

1985: The body of 34-year-old Shelley Morgan was recovered from a shallow grave near Bristol. Prostitute Linda Guest, 35, was found lying half-naked in a pool of blood on a footpath in the city. 

1988: Linda Donaldson, 31, was abducted in Liverpool and later found with multiple stab wounds.

1980s: The body of a woman, called the Angel of the Meadow, was uncovered in Manchester in 2010. She was believed to have died in the 1980s.

1990: Ann Heron, 44, was murdered in Darlington. Shop owner Trevaline Evans, 52, vanished in June, from Llangollen, North Wales.

1991: Maria Christina Requena, 26, was abducted in Manchester. Janine Downes, 22, vanished from Wolverhampton. 

1993: The body of Carol Clark, 32, was found dumped on a Bristol canal bank.

1994: Sandra Brewin, 21, disappeared in Swindon. The body of young mother Dawn Shields, 19, was found buried in High Peaks, Derbyshire. 

The remains of Sharon Harper, 21, were found in a Grantham car park in July. Julie Finley, 23, was abducted in Liverpool. The body of Lindsay Jo Rimer, 13, was found by the Rochdale Canal. 

1995: Sally Ann John, 23, vanished from Swindon. Melanie Hall, 26, went missing from Bath; her body was found in 2009. Avon and Somerset Police do not believe Halliwell murdered her but former policeman Steve Fulcher, who helped to jail Halliwell, believes they should keep an open-mind. Caroline Glachan, 14, was dumped in a river near Glasgow. 

1998: The body of Hannah Deterville, 15, was found near a canal in Greenford, north-west London. The remains of Julie Jones, 32, were discovered in Manchester. Police believed she had been hit by a vehicle or fell from a high building. Donna Keogh, 17, disappeared after a party in Middlesbrough. Her body never found. 

2001: Bristol University cleaner Tina Pryer, 39, disappeared. The body of Vicky Glass, 17, was found on the North York Moors. Michaela Hague, a 25-year-old prostitute, was murdered in Sheffield. 

2002: Linda Razzell, 41, was killed on March 19. Thi Hai Nguyen, 21, went missing from her home in Marlborough. 

2009: Claudia Lawrence, a 35-year-old chef, from Heworth, York, vanished and was feared murdered.  

The police investigation into Halliwell was turned into an ITV drama titled A Confession, starring Martin Freeman as Mr Fulcher.

Police began investigating Halliwell when Ms O’Callaghan was abducted on her way home from a nightclub in Swindon in 2011.

CCTV taken near the Suju nightclub showed her getting into a taxi which the father-of-three owned.

Police then kept watch on Halliwell for two days – hoping he would inadvertently lead them to Ms O’Callaghan’s body – but arrested him on suspicion of kidnap five days later when they feared he would kill himself.

Aware of his suicidal tendencies, DS Fulcher arranged an interview team to conduct a ‘Safety Interview’, under caution, at the scene of his arrest.

But when Halliwell kept answering ‘no comment’, DC Fulcher authorised officers to bring Halliwell to the nearby Iron Age fort of Barbary Castle – where they believed Ms O’Callaghan was buried – for an ‘urgent interview’.

Halliwell eventually led DS Fulcher and his team to an isolated lane, where he said Ms O’Callaghan’s body was lying in the open.

Then, as he was having a cigarette at the scene, Halliwell confessed to ‘another one’, telling DS Fulcher: ‘I need help, I’m a sick f*****.’

The father-of-three then led the detective to the spot in rural Gloucestershire where he had buried Miss Godden in a shallow grave after strangling her in 2003.

At that time, police had no idea she was missing.

DS Fulcher was later nominated for a Queen’s Police Medal, the highest honour in policing, for his work in extracting the brutal killer’s confession.

But, in a cruel twist, he found himself fighting for his job after breaking police guidelines by taking Halliwell to the site, rather than the police station.

Mr Fulcher was disciplined for misconduct and later resigned, losing his £500,000 police pension and selling his house.

Haliwell was jailed for life in 2012 for beating and stabbing Ms O’Callaghan – who he believed resembled his mother – to death, before pushing her body into the 12ft ravine.

But a judge ruled his confession about Ms Godden inadmissible because DS Fulcher had repeatedly failed to correctly caution the killer and questioned him without a lawyer.

It took four more years of campaigning for it to be allowed.

Other officers then had to find more evidence and, thanks to unearthing the stash and other circumstantial and forensic evidence, Halliwell was convicted of killing Ms Godden and given a whole-life jail tariff.

During the trial, Halliwell gloated about how he had ruined DS Fulcher’s career, telling him: ‘By the way, it was a pleasure ruining your career, you corrupt b*****d.’

As he passed sentence on Halliwell, Sir John Griffiths Williams told the killer: ‘But for your confession, I have no doubt Becky’s remains would never have been found.’  

  • The New Millennium Serial Killer by Chris Clark & Bethan Trueman, published by Crime Publishing Network. 

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