EuroMillions winner Gillian Bayford’s ex says he was treated ‘like a chihuahua’ during life with ‘abusive’ lover – The Sun

EuroMillions winner Gillian Bayford’s ex says he was treated ‘like a chihuahua’ during life with ‘abusive’ lover – The Sun

THE ex-boyfriend attacked by £74million lottery winner Gillian Bayford has lifted the lid on his stormy life with the lusty mum.

Gavin Innes, 45, claims Gillian, 47, would fly into rages and stop him using her cars if he disagreed with her. He said: “I felt trapped in a golden cage.”

In an exclusive interview, Gavin said she used her vast fortune to control him, saying: “She treated me like a chihuahua in Paris Hilton’s handbag.”

And he told how their fiery relationship was characterised by her demanding behaviour — and her regularly losing her temper with him.

After one wild night, she WhatsApp messaged an apology, confessing: “I know I’ve been real horny ain’t I…sorry…feel bad though…like demanding.”

Gavin claimed Gillian — who was convicted this week of attacking him — begged him to have a baby with her and constantly talked about marriage.

She would make promises of giving him £5million in cash and a house under a pre-nuptial agreement, he said.


Gavin explained: “I got to drive around in her amazing cars, use an iPhone she bought me and stay in her mansion.

"I didn’t value any of it, but she thought I did.

“The deal always felt to me like I had to please her. I felt trapped in a golden cage, like she is.

“If I ever tried to disagree with her on anything then I would lose access to the Range Rover Evoque and Audi A3 she insured me on.”

Gillian scooped a share of a £148million EuroMillions jackpot with her then husband Adrian in 2012.

The pair split in 2013 and she returned from Suffolk to Dundee in her native Scotland.

The deal always felt to me like I had to please her. I felt trapped in a golden cage, like she is.

In court this week, her lawyer tried to claim that Gavin — an old school pal of Gillian — targeted her for their six-month affair as a “pension fund”.

But Gavin has now revealed he had no idea that property developer Gillian was a lottery winner when they met up.

He said he even paid on their unglamorous early dates.

He insisted: “I was never a gold-digger, I really fell for Gillian. I was in a difficult place at the time and we just clicked.

“Not many take the time to get to know her like me, they are only interested in what they can get from her.

“I think that’s why she wanted to control me with money like everyone else.

"But the truth is, I felt like Paris Hilton’s dog being carted around in a handbag.”

He added: “I hated it, but I stayed with her because I knew there was a good person in there somewhere and she asked me to be patient.”

Dad Gavin, from Dundee, said the pair met when he approached her to be a trustee for his male domestic abuse charity.

He said: “She turned up outside my council house in an £80,000 Porsche Macan.

“We went to a cafe and just talked, but we made each other laugh and there was definitely a spark. On our first date we went to a cheap carvery and I bought the cups of tea.

“In fact, the first four or five times we met up it was me who paid for everything. There was no masterplan, we just got on.

“She asked me to meet again to talk about the charity and this time she turned up in her Audi SQ7 4×4.

"That’s when I thought, hang on, ‘Where is all this money coming from?’.

“I asked her about it and she told me she was a lottery winner.”

Within weeks their relationship became physical.


Gavin said: “I bought her a Robbie Williams blanket for her birthday . . . and it obviously worked.

“The next time we saw each other after that was at my house.

“She started kissing me and we had sex on my living room sofa. After that we were a couple.

“She showered me with presents. She bought me an iPhone and an Audi A3.

“She bought me a £115,000 house and talked of setting me up as a property developer.

“It was mad but I wasn’t interested in the money.”

Within weeks of them becoming an item, Gavin said Gillian started uncontrollably losing her temper, shouting and pushing him.

He said: “It screwed with my head. She would be flipping her lid over something really petty.

“Then she would be back to being all lovey. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings so I said we should live together.

“After that, she constantly brought up marriage. She seemed desperate to have a secure unit.

“But she made everything so intense. She wanted to have everything now — she had no patience.

“I remember once she took her car into the Audi garage for a repair. She saw a picture of a limited edition £70k RS5 in Jamiroquai green and bought it on the spot.

“Money had completely lost its meaning to her.”

She made everything so intense. She wanted to have everything now — she had no patience.

Gavin told how Gillian would take away things from him just like they were a child’s toys.

He added: “Once she took back the A3 she had given me — like I had been a bad boy. I told her to shove her Audi up her arse and refused to talk to her.”

Gavin claimed he was attacked twice during their relationship — which ended in November 2017.

He said: “The whole relationship was so ironic. Here was this woman I had contacted for help starting a domestic abuse charity.”

Gavin added: “The more time I spent with Gillian, the more I worried about her. I worried the money had made her feel insecure — that she could never trust that anyone loved her for her.”

Bayford went on to marry convicted fraudster Brian Deans in 2018.

On Tuesday, she was convicted of a breach of the peace after admitting both 2017 attacks.

She was admonished — meaning she was able to go free with a stern warning from a judge.

Tonight she said she never bought any vehicles for Gavin.

She added: “They were my cars which he borrowed and used from time to time. I didn’t take things away from him during arguments.”

Gillian denied there was any discussion of marriage between the pair. Asked whether he paid for early dates, she said: “I think he paid for a cup of tea the first time.”

Strife 'n times of jackpot mother

by Rob Pattinson

MUM-of-two Gillian’s life has been a rollercoaster since scooping a £148million lottery jackpot in 2012 with her then husband Adrian.

A year later, the pair from Suffolk split blaming the stress of their win.

Audi-mad Gillian moved back to her native Scotland with her son and daughter — then dated car dealer Alan Warnock, who sold her five of the German motors.

In 2015, Alan popped the question and Gillian diversified from her property business by opening a café.

But in 2016, she laid off 21 staff from her failing business and was blasted for flying off to the Maldives after breaking the bad news to them.

That year, Gillian fell out with her dad Ian McCulloch, then 71 — accusing him of trying to seize control of her jackpot.

In 2017, she split from fiancé Alan before dating Gavin Innes — but they split after rows.

In 2018, Gillian married local man Brian Deans — a convicted fraudster — in a lavish ceremony.

But months later she was formally charged with assaulting Mr Innes.

In December, The Sun revealed Gillian had been supporting ex Adrian in a move to Scotland to be nearer her and their kids.

She hit rock bottom this week when she admitted a reduced charge of breach of the peace. After hailing her huge charity contributions, a court let her leave without punishment — but still convicted of a crime.

She described her jackpot win in court as “a mixed blessing”.

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