Foodie recreates Salt Bae's £1,450 gold steak for £16.99 after hundreds of diners flood Nusr-et London restaurant

Foodie recreates Salt Bae's £1,450 gold steak for £16.99 after hundreds of diners flood Nusr-et London restaurant

A FOODIE has recreated 'Salt Bae's' £1,450 steak for just £16.99 after hundreds of diners flooded to Nusr-et's London restaurant.

George Runham, 30, from Birmingham, decided to take up the challenge of recreating the steak earlier this month in a bid to show others just how simple and cheap it can be.

Spending just £12 on a piece of steak from M&S and £6.99 on gold leaf sheets from Amazon, George was able to create a mouth-watering steak for £1,433.01 less than at Nusr-Et Steakhouse London.

The amateur chef believes that Nusret Gokce, 38, – known as Salt Bae online – is charging his customers way over the odds for steak when you can pay a sixth of the price at other top steakhouses in London.

George's gold leaf steak took just 15 minutes to cook with peppercorn sauce, mac and cheese, salad, and ciabatta.

The amateur chef and talent manager for a property company said: "I don't mind paying good money for good food but I have no idea how a steak can cost £850 alone.

"After seeing dozens of tweets about the overpriced steak I decided to try it myself.

"I set up my own cooking page on Instagram – @thekitchen.sync in January this year and posted my version on there.

"I was shocked that it cost just £16.99 to recreate the steak by using supermarket meat and Amazon.

"I had a great response to my version with a lot of people agreeing that you don't need to spend a fortune for great food.

"The gold leaf adds absolutely nothing in terms of flavour or texture so I normally would not bother adding it unless you're looking to create that Instagram worthy image."

George says he has no intention of visiting Nusret's restaurant but enjoyed recreating the gold leaf steak.

He added: "I think it's important to show people that they can make restaurant standard food at home.

"My steak took just 15 minutes to cook and I believe that by following my top tips you can make a steak perfect every time."

George is not the only chef taking a stab at Salt Bae's gold leafing – with another selling a £12.50 pork pie covered in gold leaf.


Gareth Mason’s Lancastrian menu also offers chips and butties coated in the precious metal.

His fare is on offer at the Absolute Bar and Bistro in Bolton — and he joked: “It’s more Morecambe Bay than Salt Bae.”

The dad of two paid £13 for 30 sheets of gold leaf and says the amount on his pies has been valued at 5p by a jeweller.

Gareth, 33, said of Nusr-et: “We read a review and thought it was absolute madness. So we decided to have a laugh with it.

“We’ve got traditional Lancashire dishes covered in gold for a fraction of the price.

“It just shows it’s not expensive to buy in — and it doesn’t enhance the flavour because it doesn’t taste of anything.”

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