Fury as idiot jet skier races down river full of children and swimmers

Fury as idiot jet skier races down river full of children and swimmers

Moment an ‘idiot’ jet skier rides craft at mind-boggling ’46MPH’ down river where children, swimmers and paddleboarders are playing – as ‘reckless’ driver is blasted

  • The rider was filmed on Saturday tearing through the River Stour in Dorset  

An ‘idiot’ jet skier has been blasted after being filmed racing at mind-boggling speeds on a busy river packed with children and paddleboarders.

The ‘reckless’ rider was estimated to be storming through the River Stour at Christchurch, Dorset at 40 knots (46mph), more than seven times the 5 knot limit.

The speeding male jet skier and his female pillion rider, was caught terrorising users of the idyllic stream on Saturday, as children used a rope swing to leap into it. 

Witnesses claim it was a ‘miracle’ nobody was hurt, with one person – who asked to remain anonymous – saying: ‘The river was packed with hire boaters, paddle boarders and others on the water on such a sunny day. 

‘There were lots of boats for hire with toddlers inside who were at risk when these idiots flew past.

The rider and his female passenger were filmed tearing down the River Stour at Christchurch, Dorset, on Saturday 

‘There were also kids swimming nearby as they like to swing into the water from trees on the river bank.

‘Lots of people had near misses with this jet ski rider from Iford all the way to Mudeford.

‘You always get idiots ruining it for others.’

Members of the public using the Dorset waterway reported being terrorised by the same yellow jet ski.

The same pair are said to have narrowly missed some swimmers while bombing along the river with music blaring and have been slammed on social media. 

The video comes just weeks after the law on reckless jet skiers was strengthened, with the craft now subject to the same regulations as ships and boats.

Users caught breaching the toughened measures now face up to two years in jail or an unlimited fine if convicted of endangering other vessels and people unlimited fine.

The new law was introduced after a boom in the watersport industry during the pandemic.

As they jet ski went past, it sent up a large spray of water as it motored down the riverway at speed over the weekend 

People have since taken to social media to slam the latest incident on the Dorset river.

Kate James said: ‘These two came past us really fast a couple of weeks ago when we had two young kids in a rowing boat outside Christchurch Sailing Club.

‘I was shouting for them to slow down too.

‘Very dangerous and definitely the same people too.’

Matthew Holloway said: ‘They did the same past me in the anchorage by Stanpit Marsh and the boat next to me had kids playing in the water.

‘So dangerous! Didn’t have time to video but I shouted.’

John Denis said: ‘I hope that the offenders eventually get prosecuted but I fear they and many other half-wits on the river will continue to ruin it for others.’

Gary Elford, chairman of the Wessex Surfing Club, agrees with showing accountability to those putting people’s lives at risk in the water.

He said: ‘Having seen far too many near misses from reckless jet ski riding and occasionally other types of small-powered craft in and around surfers at local surf spots, I welcome any strengthening of legislation that gives the powers that be the ability to deal with the sections of the jet-ski and power sports community.

‘They seem to think they can ride however they want and wherever they want, with no regards for others safety in the water.

‘Inshore reckless riding isn’t acceptable and will now finally be backed by tough legislation, should they continue to ignore this requirement from their riding behaviour.’

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