Glam US journalist Tarah Price ‘was offered $10,000 to try to seduce ex-Army general into revealing info in sting’

Glam US journalist Tarah Price ‘was offered $10,000 to try to seduce ex-Army general into revealing info in sting’

A US journalist was reportedly offered $10,000 to try to seduce ax-Army General HR McMaster into revealing info about Donald Trump in a hidden camera sting.

Tarah Price was contacted by Project Veritas about a plot to ensnare Trump's former national security adviser, McMaster, The New York Times reported.

Project Veritas, run by James O’Keefe, is a conservative group that uses hidden cameras and undercover reporters to catch journalists or politicos in embarrassing conversations.

Project Veritas had its sights set on McMaster as a target in 2018 after he had been overheard calling the 45th president an “idiot” and having the intelligence of a “kindergartener” during a meal at the capital-based Italian restaurant Tosca that was attended by an Oracle executive.

The group hatched an operation to pursue McMaster by wiring up a woman with a hidden camera and catch him running his mouth off about Trump while his guard was down. 

The Times claimsPrice was brought in and Project Veritas offered $10,000 to convince her to participate in the operation.

According to the report, a March 2018 email involving Price’s former boyfriend alleged that she was “going to get paid $10,000 to go undercover and set up some big-name political figure in Washington.” 

The Times report notes that there’s no verification as to who was putting up the five figures and noted the ex was clueless as to McMaster being the target. 

McMaster later resigned on March 22.

The sting operation was reportedly abandoned in March 2018, the same month McMaster resigned. 

Price did not respond to the Times' requests for comment.

Project Veritas did not respond to specific questions about any of its operations but O’Keefe called the Times report “a smear piece” in a video response.

“Adam, if you’re asking these questions suffice it to say you have your facts wrong and it appears you’re going to print based upon supposition, rumor, and speculation rather than verifiable facts,” said O’Keefe, addressing Times reporter Adam Goldman.

Part of the experts behind Project Veritas’ alleged plots to target and expose Trump’s perceived enemies were former MI6 officer Richard Seddon who was recruited by Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater military contractor.

Another alleged recruit in Project Veritas’ operations was former reality star Anna Khait, who was brought on to reportedly expose a "deep state" that conservative activists claimed was working to undermine the former president.

The article suggests that Khait was cast along with other women to live in a six-bedroom spread near Georgetown and given tradecraft code names like “Brazil” and “Tiger.”

Khait has denied she was working as a honeytrapper, tweeting: "The NYT is about to get sued and LOSE again by Project Veritas. Libel and slander is typical of #FakeNews."

She continued to hammer the paper of record. 

“Investigating and keeping our government in check is what JOURNALISTS are supposed to do,” she wrote in a separate tweet.

“Instead, the New York Times attacks those who are doing THEIR job! Unbelievable.”


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