Has Banksy been 'caught' on CCTV in Ukraine?

Has Banksy been 'caught' on CCTV in Ukraine?

Has Banksy been spotted in Ukraine? Video shows mystery masked figure ‘painting’ mural confirmed to be artwork by elusive artist

  • British street artist Banksy has unveiled seven new artworks painted in Ukraine 
  • One shows a ballerina in a neck brace on a destroyed building in Irpin, near Kyiv 
  • ‘CCTV’ has now emerged showing the artwork being ‘painted’ by a man in a mask
  • While the video appears to be a heavily-staged spoof, it could show the Bristol artist and is in keeping with his mischievous sense of humour 

Elusive British street artist Banksy may have been ‘caught’ painting a mural on a destroyed building in Ukraine. 

CCTV footage doing the rounds on Ukrainian TikTok shows a mask-wearing man sneaking up to a wall in the city of Irpin, near Kyiv, before ‘painting’ on it. 

While the footage appears to be a heavily staged spoof, it is possible it still shows Banksy – whose true identity has never been revealed.

The Irpin artwork, which shows a ballerina in a neck-brace, has been confirmed as a genuine Banksy and is one of seven he has painted in Ukraine in recent days.

The idea of spoofing a video of himself being ‘caught’ is in keeping with Banksy’s mischievous sense of humour.

Staged CCTV footage doing the rounds on Ukrainian TikTok shows a man sneaking up to a wall in the city of Irpin before ‘painting’ a Banksy on it

While the footage is heavily staged and the painting is obviously not happening live, it is still possible the British street artist spoofed it himself – in keeping with his sense of humour

The Irpin artwork – showing a ballerina in a neck-brace – has been confirmed as a genuine Banksy and is one of seven painted in Ukraine in recent days

Other works painted by Banksy in Ukraine include a man in a bathtub – who bears a passing resemblance to Charles Darwin – painted inside a destroyed apartment in Horenka, a village five miles north-east of Irpin.

Another painted on the walls of a destroyed school in the town of Borodyanka, west of Irpin, shows a child flipping an adult man on to his back in a judo match.

The male figure appears to be Vladimir Putin – who holds a judo back belt.

More works include a mobile missile launcher that incorporates a crude drawing of a penis where the rocket should be, children playing on a tank trap as if it were a see-saw, and a woman in hair curlers and a gas mask holding a fire extinguisher.

Banksy confirmed their authenticity in a video released on his Instagram account, entitled ‘in solidarity with the people of Ukraine’.

Included in the footage is a woman and her daughter outside the bombed-out school, after the judo mural had been painted.

She says: ‘It was a bomb here and many people died.

‘My child used to go to this kindergarten. Don’t cry honey, we already cried so much, we don’t have any tears left.’

Banksy began his unconventional artistic career as a graffiti artist in Bristol in the 1990s, and came to prominence painting satirical, political murals on buildings.

His signature style became black and white portraits painted using stencils, often showing human or animal figures performing an action or interacting with the world around them.

Some of his most well known works oppose conflict, including a portrait of a man hurling a bouquet of flowers – painted on the West Bank Wall which separates Jerusalem from Israel.

He is also known for playing with the idea of fake vs real.

During a residency in New York in 2013 he set up what appeared to be a tourist-trap stall in Central Park selling what seemed like replicas of his work for $60 a piece.

Except that the stall was real, and the artworks were genuine. 

Despite being in place for a full day, just one customer bought two prints which later raised in excess of $100,000 when sold at auction.

Another piece that toyed with a similar idea and the worth of art was a print of ‘Girl With Balloon’ that partially shredded itself while being auctioned.

The half-destroyed artwork later went back on auction, and sold for many times its initial guide price. 

Another of Banksy’s new artworks in Ukraine shows a man who bears a passing resemblance to Charles Darwin having a bath in a destroyed house

A dancer also features in this piece by Banksy, painted in the town of Borodyanka, which shows the female figure balancing on top of rubble

Two children appear to be playing on a tank trap as if on a see-saw in this Banksy work, which appeared in downtown Kyiv

Banksy’s Ukraine artworks appeared in cities and towns devastated by Russia’s nine-month long war in Ukraine.

Irpin, where the ballerina with the neck brace appeared, was the site of some of the worst atrocities committed by Putin’s troops.

Hundreds of civilians were massacred during a months-long occupation after Russian forces were stopped there while trying to advance on Kyiv.

When Putin’s troops retreated they left behind evidence of their war crimes, including mass graves, torture chambers, and civilian bodies lying in the streets.

Ukraine is continuing to drive back the Kremlin’s troops on the battlefield, with recent retreats coming in the south and north-east.

Russian forces fled from the area around Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, in September and recently withdrew from the city of Kherson.

Around half of the territory occupied by Moscow’s armies at the peak of the invasion has now been recaptured, with Kyiv asking for more weapons to get the job done.

At the top of the list is anti-aircraft batteries to protect against increased Russia air strikes, but Ukraine also wants attack jets and tanks to help with its offensives. 

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