I took this photo after American Bully XL savaged my dog to death

I took this photo after American Bully XL savaged my dog to death

I took this photo seconds after a giant American Bully XL savaged my beloved dog Eddie to death… three weeks later she is STILL walking the killer beast in our local park

  • EXCLUSIVE: Eddie the Tibetan Terrier was savaged in a quiet park in Buckingham
  • The beloved dog’s injuries were so severe his owners had to put Eddie to sleep
  • Eddie’s family has now spoken out of the ordeal and say they want to move home 

The family of a dog killed by a bloodthirsty American Bully XL say the attack has left them so ‘traumatised’ they are going to sell their home. 

Father-of-two Brian Cartwright, 56, says his family are haunted by the nightmare incident and now live in fear the savage hound could strike again after it tore into beloved pet Eddie the Tibetan Terrier.

Seven-year-old Eddie was mauled while walking with Brian in the park in the quaint market town of Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, on August 20. 

The powerful Bully XL dragged the woman walking it on the floor before sinking its teeth into the terrified terrier’s back, leaving Eddie with horrific puncture marks on his spine and abdomen, internal bleeding and gruesome crush injuries. 

Tragically, after a harrowing five days of emergency treatment, the agonising decision was taken to euthanise the pedigree pup, leaving Brian, his wife Svitlana, 45, and their two children Harry, 12, and Nicole, 16, ‘distraught’.

Brian – who branded the American Bully XL responsible for killing his pet a lethal ‘weapons-grade dog’ – said: ‘The kids are absolutely traumatised. It’s going to take months to get over.

Mr Cartwright snapped this photo of the XL bully and the woman walking it moments after the attack that left his beloved pet fatally wounded (the woman is understood not to be the dog’s owner)

Tibetan Terrier, Eddie, was savagely attacked by an American Bully XL while walking with its owner, Brian Cartwright (Eddie is pictured after being mauled)

The pet suffered gruesome injuries which led to an extensive infection and necrosis setting in. His wounds were so severe the agonising decision was taken to euthanise the dog five days after the attack 

Beloved family pet Eddie loved nothing more than cuddling with his owners. He is pictured on the lap of Brian Cartwright, 56

‘I’m traumatised and now relive what happened on the daily basis. I can still hear the noise Eddie made during the attack. It will haunt me for years. 

‘I now can’t face going out of the house. I get shaky and don’t want to do anything.’

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Svitlana added: ‘This is a wound that will never heal. It’s like having your third child ripped away from you.’ 

Despite Thames Valley Police being informed, the dog responsible for the mauling has not been seized and its owners still walk it around the park where the attack happened, Mr Cartwright claimed.  

Looking for a fresh start after their nightmare ordeal, the family now intends to put their neat four-bedroom detached home of 11 years on the market and move elsewhere.  

‘We’re literally getting the house valued and we want to move away,’ added Brian. ‘The children want to move. They’re not comfortable anymore.’ 

The mauling – also witnessed by a terrified nine-year-old girl – took place in grassland behind the Lace Hill Community Center in Catchpin Street. 

Speaking of the attack, Brian said it all happened in an ‘instant’, as the killer dog’s huge jaws clamped down across Eddie’s back, sinking its teeth into the howling pet’s spine and abdomen.

‘The dog immediately reacted when it saw Eddie. I started walking away but when I glanced back over my shoulder the woman walking him had fallen over and this dog was dragging her across the floor towards us,’ he said.

‘The next thing I knew and the dog was latched onto Eddie and would not let him go. It seemed like hours but it was probably a minute and a half. 

Eddie is pictured celebrating his last birthday with a special dog treat cake

‘There was nothing I could do. You stand there powerless listening to your dog being crushed. He was literally killing my dog. You could see the pressure damage. I knew it was all over.’

Brian rushed Eddie to the vets, where the seven-year-old’s injuries were treated before he was sent home to recover. 

But two days later, the wounded Tibetan Terrier’s condition deteriorated, with a severe infection and necrosis setting in.

After an agonising three nights with vets, the family took the heartbreaking decision to put their beloved pet to sleep on August 25.

‘We decided it wasn’t fair anymore, he was just in so much pain,’ said Brian. ‘Our 16-year-old daughter was absolutely distraught. She didn’t want to come with us. 

‘She slept in our bedroom for three nights and she hasn’t done that since she was a little girl. It was her GCSE results day the day before Eddie died – and it was my son’s 12th birthday five days later… We couldn’t celebrate.’ 

The owners of the monster XL Bully were reportedly handed a warning letter from police, demanding the animal is muzzled when it is outside, Brian said. 

But ‘heartbroken’ Svitlana was furious officers had not taken a tougher stance and seized the killer dog.  

‘The whole reaction from police was disgusting,’ said the 45-year-old. ‘Police have said it’s nothing to do with us.

‘This dog is the same as a loaded gun. If someone walked with a loaded gun in streets I would call police and hope they would do something.

‘I told police “you know there’s a dangerous dog living next door to the park, community centre and playground and you’re not prepared to do anything?”.

‘The police officer told me “I have no power”.’

The American XL Bully managed to sink its teeth into Eddie’s abdomen and spine with is huge mouth

The wounds were initially treated by an emergency vet but became infected, with Eddie being put to sleep five days later 

A heartbroken Brian poses with a picture of Eddie following the death of his family’s beloved pet 

Brian added: ‘I have lost faith in the police completely and utterly. Someone is going to die – a child is going to die. And they’ve done nothing.’

Unlike the pit bull terrier, the American XL bulldog is not a banned dog in Britain and it is not an offence to own one under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. 

However, campaigners are desperately calling for a change in the law and for the breed to be added to the list of dangerous dogs. 

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Despite the American bulldog making up about one per cent of the UK’s dog population, the XL breed of the animal has been involved in the majority of fatal dog attacks in the Britain since 2021.

Two in four deadly dog attacks in the UK in 2021 involved the XL bulldogs – rising to six in 10 in 2022, including high-profile maulings that killed children Jack Lis, 10, and Bella-Rae Birch, 17 months.

A leading dog behaviourist this week branded the breed ‘too dangerous to live’ as he led calls for Britain’s population of American Bully XLs to be eradicated. 

Stan Rawlinson wants them removed before more people and pets are torn apart by the ‘intrinsically evil’ beasts. He told MailOnline: ‘These dogs are a danger to women, children and everyone else. They should all be euthanised as a breed. There’s something wrongly wired in these dogs.’ 

The killing of Eddie has now left locals terrified to leave their homes. 

‘The whole community is living in fear now,’ Svitlana said. ‘These people [are] deliberately bringing this dog into our community to intimidate, be in control and to dominate. This is not acceptable. This person is now terrorising an entire community.’

Experienced dog owner Brian added he was ‘utterly terrified’ of the XL Bully breed and their ability to flick on the ‘kill switch’ in an instant. 

Eddie is pictured shortly before being fatally wounded by the American Bully XL dog last month 

‘These are weapon-grade dogs. They’re not normal dogs. I’ve been around dogs all my life. I’ve handled big dogs like Dobermans and German Shepherds. I’m not afraid of big dogs at all but this breed I’m terrified of. They’re killers,’ he said.  

Neighbours have also told MailOnline they are now petrified to venture outside to walk their pets – with some parents now refusing to let their children play in the park for fear the out-of-control beast might maul them.

One grandmother-of-five, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I avoid this area now when walking my dog and did not take my grandchildren to the play park there.

‘This dog is still being walked in the same area without a muzzle… It is crazy that the owner is still allowed to keep this dog with no repercussions.’

Another neighbour added: ‘I’m avoiding the park and so are other people for fear the dog will attack my child.’ 

Thames Valley Police said it received a report about of a ‘dangerous dog’ in Catchpin Street at 3.15pm on August 28.  A spokesman added: ‘Following an investigation, the report has been filed pending further information coming to light.’

On its website, Thames Valley Police says its ‘an offence to let a dog be dangerously out of control whether that’s in public or private’.

In guidance, the force says a dog is considered out of control if it ‘injuries someone’ or ‘makes someone worried it might injure them’. 

It added a court could also decide if the dog is dangerously out of control if it ‘attacks someone animal’ or if the ‘owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal’.

Those with further information about the attack on Eddie should call 101 or make a report on Thames Valley Police’s website, quoting reference number 43230385420.

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