Inside world’s loneliest McDonald’s abandoned on Netflix Pirate Gold island with old menu & jaw-dropping 1990s prices | The Sun

Inside world’s loneliest McDonald’s abandoned on Netflix Pirate Gold island with old menu & jaw-dropping 1990s prices | The Sun

ABANDONED for over 30 years, this McDonald’s is located on the same island of Netflix’s series Pirate Gold Of Adak Island.

The restaurant, which eerily stands on a deserted Alaskan naval base, appears to have been untouched since the 1990’s.

It has since received social media recognition following the popular 2022 Netflix show, with one Reddit user saying: “This also brought up memories of Pirate Gold Of Adak Island on Netflix. Find any gold nuggets while there?”

Pirate Gold is a reality TV series about an expert team who are on the hunt to unearth legendary pirate treasure amid the harsh Alaskan wilderness.

There is currently one season with eight episodes available on Netflix at the moment, with the show only holding a 4.7/10 IMDb rating.

The abandoned fast-food joint has been trending on social media after the show's release however, with some TikToks of people exploring the restaurant racking up over 100k views.


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Initially, the McDonalds garnered attention when a Twitter user pointed out the location and posted pictures of the drive-thru area, upturned tables and a menu with a $1 cheeseburger in 2021.

The viral photo was captioned: “Abandoned McDonald’s on the remote Alaskan island still has the menu up with Bobby’s World and Jurassic Park promos.”

Many Twitter users were left in shock at the photos of the eaterie.

One tweeted: “This needs to be in a museum… or my basement.”

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Another said: “This  is a post-apocalyptic television series I need NOW.”

One user pointed out: “The prices haven’t changed much.”

The National Park Service said that Adak was originally set as an outpost for Army and Navy bases during World War II. 

More than 6,000 military and civilians lived on Adak during its peak in the 1980s, so an enterprising couple opened the restaurant in July 1986 with assistance from the Navy.

Many of the town’s residents fled the area and businesses closed when the naval base was abandoned in the 1990s, the Los Angeles Times said.

The former store owner's son even created a Twitter account in 2021 to share information on the abandoned building after the island and its 33 permanent residents became a social media curiosity overnight.

Social media users were losing their minds at the 1990 food prices and reminisced about the old school Jurassic Park posters and Bobby’s World toys. 

One Reddit user recently commented under a resurfaced photo of the McDonalds: “Saw this posted just last night in another sub and replied to someone else’s comment about nostalgia. I love seeing this image pop into my feed every few months, it reminds me of simpler times. Thank you” 

Another joked: “$1.10 for Florida Orange Juice. Ahh the good old days”.

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