Liliana Carrillo latest news: 'Killer mom' insists she's INNOCENT in first court appearance for carjacking charges

Liliana Carrillo latest news: 'Killer mom' insists she's INNOCENT in first court appearance for carjacking charges

LILIANA Carrillo, the mom alleged to have murdered her three kids in California, pled not guilty to entirely unrelated carjacking charges in court on Wednesday.

The mom, who is alleged to have stabbed her kids – three-year-old Joanna, two-year-old Terry, and six-month-old Sierra – to death, entered a not-guilty plea during her brief appearance in Kern County Court regarding an attempted carjacking.

Although she is considered a suspect in the death of her children, she has yet to be officially charged.

Instead, her court hearing on Wednesday was related to an attempted carjacking in Bakersfield on Saturday, the same day she is believed to have stabbed her three tots.

Prosecutors for Kern County allege after Carrillo's car stalled on Highway 65, she stole a truck after people stopped to help.

"Rather than accepting that help, the allegations are that she took their cars," says Kern County Assistant District Attorney Joseph Kinzel.

Carrillo was then seen driving towards Ponderosa in Tulare County when she crashed the truck, and was subsequently arrested.

As the Los Angeles Police Department investigates the crime, the department said it's seeking extradition following a meeting with LA prosecutors.

"The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the potential homicide case down in Los Angeles," Kinzel added.

"That investigation is not complete. While we do liaison with the Los Angeles Police Department to make sure we understand what's going on because it does have an interplay into the charges here," Kinzel added.

"We don't have a complete investigation at this point, so I'm not going to speak for them."

Carrillo is due back in court on May 10, but it is unclear if she would be extradited to Los Angeles County before that hearing.

Authorities eye Carrillo as a prime suspect in the death of her three kids in Reseda, a California town about four hours south of where she was later arrested.

The scene that Carrillo is alleged to have left was so grizzly, the responding officers needed emergency counseling for what remains of the children they saw.

The father of her three kids, Eric Denton, may pursue legal action against Child Protective Services, a friend exclusively told The Sun, after warning them numerous times for months that she was a danger to their children.

Denton also apparently warned cops that Carrillo was depressed and suicidal, saying he was worried she could do something to harm herself and their kids.

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