Maskless woman racially abuses Bolt taxi driver, says 'f*****ing P**i'

Maskless woman racially abuses Bolt taxi driver, says 'f*****ing P**i'

Moment woman racially abuses Bolt taxi driver calling him a ‘f***ing P**i’ after he asked her to wear a mask because he didn’t want to risk catching Covid and infect his pregnant wife

  • London taxi driver Muhammad Usman, 37, asked a passenger to wear a mask
  • She claimed she ‘didn’t have one’, so he said he would have to cancel the trip
  • He did not want to risk catching Covid for the sake of his pregnant wife at home
  • The unknown passenger became irate and began to racially abuse him  
  • Bolt gave Mr Usman no communication after sending generic apology email
  • The Met Police closed the case because they ‘couldn’t track down the girl’ 

A taxi driver faced an onslaught of racist abuse after he refused to drive a maskless woman who then got out and kicked his car.

London taxi driver Muhammad Usman, 37, was called ‘a f***ing P**i’ multiple times by an irate passenger as she demanded he took her to her destination or refunded her money.

Video footage has emerged of the incident with Mr Usman asking the passenger to leave his car because it is mandatory for his passengers to wear face masks due to the risk of Covid-19.

His wife was also four months pregnant with their first child – and he told MailOnline that he ‘didn’t want to risk catching Covid’ when he had to return home to her. 

General Secretary James Farrar at App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) said: ‘Licensed private hire drivers are fed up with putting up with physical and racist abuse while the Police, Transport for London and operators like Uber and Bolt do nothing.

‘This is despite minicab drivers paying a 50% higher license fee than black cab drivers which goes to support a 60 plus dedicated cab enforcement unit within the Met and TfL adding 200 additional on street compliance officers.

‘Our surveys show that 50% of minicab drivers have suffered physical violence at work and 83% have experienced racist or Islamophobic abuse.

‘Despite this, we know of not a single prosecution and TfL even refuse to take any reports of violence against TfL licensed drivers.

The police and TfL have consistently refused to work with our union to tackle these issues and TfL even sabotaged our efforts to work with the police to improve safeguarding of ourselves and the travelling public.

‘Indeed, rather than prosecute abusers, the Met police have instead mounted a failed political attack on our union by bringing vexatious charges that the police themselves were assaulted at one of our trade union demos by way of megaphone sound.

‘If the police can invest resources in prosecutions like this against drivers, why can’t they also tackle the epidemic of violence and abuse against drivers.’

Mr Usman, who himself had a mask on and was driving for the company Bolt, said she refused to wear a mask because she ‘didn’t have one’.

He told the woman he would have to therefore cancel the ride, to which she starts to become irate, because she believes she will be charged for the journey.

The taxi driver reminded her to say she will just have to contact the company, Bolt, to request a refund – but she continued to demand he drove her to the requested destination. 

The video was filmed at around 8.30pm on June 26, 2021.

This was just minutes after Mr Usman, who lives in Redbridge, had picked the woman up from Stratford tube station, requesting to travel to her home, somewhere in the E3 postcode area. 

At the time, national Covid-19 cases were through the roof with upwards of 20,000 a day and wearing face masks was compulsory.

Muhammad, 37, was called a ‘f***ing P**i’ multiple times by this irate passenger who then continued to kick his car after she eventually left the vehicle


It’s only now that Mr Usman is releasing the footage as he was contacted by the police officer assigned to his report that he filed days after the incident, notifying him that they were closing the case.

He reported the abuse he received from the passenger to Ilford Police Station a couple of days after the incident and gave all the details to find the woman.

The 37-year-old Bolt driver, said the police contacted him once in August to identify the assigned officer, but a few days ago they called to say they closed the case as they couldn’t track down the woman. 

‘That’s when we decided, that’s unbelievable, there’s clear evidence and they could have easily taken the details off of Bolt for whoever has booked it, either her mum or her sister or herself,’ Mr Usman told MailOnline.

‘Every company has got their own details with a name, address, everything, so how come they haven’t properly investigated that?

‘That’s why we took matters into our hands.

‘It’s impossible for Bolt and police to not be able to track her down, these apps need every detail of a person to even book a ride.

‘They knew that each trip is recorded, neither bolt or the police have done anything. That’s what forced us to put it on social media

‘We were let down badly by bolt and the police. They let us down at the biggest level.

‘We tried to get the police involved in it, but we didn’t get anything out of them, and in two months I get no communication until yesterday when they told me they were closing the case.’

Mr Usman also reported the incident to his employers, Bolt, to which he says they responded with a generic ‘apology email’ which said they were ‘sorry he had to experience this’.

Mr Usman decided to share the video on social media to try and track down the woman after the Met Police closed the case as they said they ‘couldn’t track her down’, but the taxi driver said: ‘It would be just one phone call for Bolt to be obliged to give them the information,’

He said: ‘It has been more than four months since then and Bolt didn’t bother to get back to me.’ 

In the video, Mr Usman can be heard saying: ‘You can text the company and they will refund you the money. You haven’t paid me anything.’

The unknown passenger demands to know which company she should text for the refund.

Mr Usman, who is from Pakistan and has lived in London for 17 years, says to the woman: ‘Call whoever booked the taxi.’

The passenger then can be heard saying: ‘You, we booked YOU so now take me to my destination.’, and calls her mother on the phone about the incident while still in the car.

The mother can be heard saying as he hasn’t taken her to her destination, she can ask for a refund from the company.

Mr Usman works for taxi app company Bolt, who only responded to his report once with a ‘generic apology’ email, saying they were ‘sorry he had to experience this’

She then told her mum Mr Usman was recording her and that she was going to smack him.

The angry passenger then can be heard saying: ‘You f***ing idiot, suck your stinking mother, you stupid p**i bruv, f***ing silly P***.’ 

Mr Usman said he began recording because he wanted to ‘protect himself’ as her tone started to get angry when he told her he was cancelling the trip.

He continued: ‘Her tone was aggressive, it was due to her attitude.

‘We had one or two conversations about the mask, the way she was approaching the situation forced me to start recording it.

‘In my mind, I was a single guy in the car, my thinking was that the girl can step out and say, “The guy has looked at me this way” and make something up.

‘It was to protect myself because it’s easy for her to just lie because she was so angry, and then Bolt deactivate my account for 10 days…

‘This happens to so many drivers ever day, and I can’t afford to do that, it’s my only job.

‘I wasn’t expecting it to get to this point, but this is my livelihood, I have bills to pay. 

‘After giving them all the details with the video and the information that Bolt has it would be just one phone call for Bolt to be obliged to give them the information apparently according to my knowledge.’ 

Mr Usman said he initially did not want to share the video on social media because the woman was fairly young.

‘My friend said earlier on that we should put it on social media but I said ‘No let the police deal with that’ because she was a young kid, 20 something years, I don’t want to go through that, let the police handle it,’ Mr Usman continued.

‘But nothing came out, so it’s left us with no choice but to come to the stage that we have to get social media help.’

Bolt is a ride-hailing company that operates in cities across the UK. 

Bolt and the Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.

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