Mom ‘caged and tortured little girl, 5, before reporting her missing and dumping her body in the woods’ – The Sun

Mom ‘caged and tortured little girl, 5, before reporting her missing and dumping her body in the woods’ – The Sun

A MOM allegedly tortured her five-year-old daughter before her death, then reported her missing after dumping her small, lifeless body in the woods.

Brianna Williams maliciously tortured, punished, and caged little Taylor sometime between the last time the girl was seen alive in April and November 6, 2019 – the day Williams reported her child missing, according to court documents obtained by Crime Online.

Williams, a Jacksonville Navy sailor, called police in November saying her daughter was missing after she claimed to have put her to sleep, then found the bed empty and the back door unlocked the following morning.

Authorities discovered Taylor's remains in a wooded area in Demopolis, Alabama following an Amber Alert and a massive search for the little girl a week after she disappeared.

The military officer dumped her daughter's body in the woods in Linden, Alabama before packing up and moving to Brentwood from Jacksonville, Florida, prosecutors claim.

She allegedly hired movers on Craigslist to help her, but the movers said they never saw Taylor the entire time.

A warrant for Williams detailed how a neighbor saw Taylor alone last April when she wandered up the stairs wearing the same pajamas described in her Amber Alert.

The neighbor, who said he saw Taylor at home alone nearly every other day, told detectives he brought the child back to her apartment, which he described as cluttered with trash bags and boxed stacked one on top of the other, the warrant said.

Investigators searched Williams' apartment after she reported Taylor missing from the home she moved to and found possible bloodstains in six areas of the apartment, soiled children's clothing, cans of soup with small openings in them, and fecal matter, court records show.

Cadaver dogs caught a whiff of the scent of decomposition inside the trunk of Williams' Honda Accord, where detectives found dead maggots and assorted sex toys, according to court documents.

GPA tracking on Williams' cellphone found that she went to Alabama on October 31, 2019 and again on November 1 and 2.

She returned to Jacksonville at around 5:28am on November 3 – six hours later, she posted the Craigslist ad looking for help moving out of her apartment.

Along with Taylor's remains, a rope, blue gloves, wire, papers, a knife, and cardboard were found in the area where police had tracked her mom's GPS.

Last week, prosecutors released a mountain of additional evidence, including nearly 4,000 crime scene photos and dozens of videos of Williams and her car in Alabama near where cops found Taylor's body.

Williams, who's currently behind bars in Duval County Jail, faced new charges of aggravated child abuse and evidence tampering on Friday.

She's also charged with lying to police and child neglect, although she hasn't been charged with causing her daughter's death.

The allegedly neglectful mom pleaded not guilty during her first court appearance in January, and appeared in court last month for a pretrial hearing.

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