Quawan Charles death 'treated as a HOMICIDE' despite footage showing him alone near field where he was found dead

Quawan Charles death 'treated as a HOMICIDE' despite footage showing him alone near field where he was found dead

QUAWAN Charles’s death is being treated as a homicide even though cops have a video showing the teenager alone in the field where his body was found days later.

The mutilated body of the 15-year-old who was known as “Bobby” was found on November 3 in a sugar cane field near to the village of Loreauville, about 25 miles north of his home in Louisiana.

Iberia Paris Sheriff Tommy Romero said “any case involving someone found deceased in this manner” is treated as a homicide investigation.

He added that video footage of the youth indicated he was alone for a period before and after he was seen in the recording.

The sheriff’s office described the investigation as active and ongoing and said several witnesses had been interviewed, reports the Washington Post.

“Although we believe it is important not to compromise any part of our investigation, we are prepared to release some details so that the public can be assured we are not resting in our effort to find the truth,” the office said.

Quawan’s family have aired their frustration at what they see as the local cops’ failure to act in the hours the boy vanished.

He was first reported missing to the Baldwin Police Dept on October 30 but the sheriff’s office provided few details until Saturday, after it acknowledged there had been growing interest in the case.

A preliminary autopsy report by the Iberia Parish coroner said the cause of death was “likely drowning” and indicated that muddy water had been found in his lungs.

It also indicated he did not have any injuries before his death and the disfiguration of his face was probably caused by “aquatic animals” while he was in the water.


But his family, including his cousin Celina Charles, have slammed their explanation as "bogus" and have shared a grotesque photo of Charles' horribly disfigured face to prove otherwise, according to TMZ.

“His face says different,” Celina Charles told the Post on Wednesday.

In a photo the family shared online, little Quawan reportedly looks so disfigured that his teeth can be seen outside his mouth, prompting his loved ones to seek an independent autopsy.

Celina, who is serving as the Charles family spokesperson, said she watched Quawan's mom, Roxanne Nelson, run from a viewing room screaming in horror at the sight of her son's mutilated face, the Post reported.

Quawan's family told the paper they had discovered on their own that he had been picked up on the day he disappeared by a 17-year-old white friend and his mother, neither of whom they were familiar with or gave permission to take the boy.

The family reportedly confirmed they picked up Quawan because the kids wanted to hang out, but claimed the black teen later left by himself.

Results of an independent autopsy the family ordered are still pending.

Celina and her family launched a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs of investigating his death.

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