Queens peddler wiped clean of sanitizing products amid coronavirus scare

Queens peddler wiped clean of sanitizing products amid coronavirus scare

Masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes are flying off a table set up in Queens by a disabled vet capitalizing on the coronavirus scare.

“The masks are the biggest seller. I tell them, ‘Don’t get caught without one! This corona nonsense got them crazy!” Sam Hopkins told The Post at Main Street and 41st Avenue in Flushing.

Wearing a general citywide specialized vendor license, the peddler yelled the prices of his much-sought germicides, which are fetching a pretty penny online.

“Five dollars for the hand sanitizer!” he bellowed about the 8-ounce bottles.

Packs of 50 alcohol wipes were going for $5 each, while canisters of 35 Lysol wipes fetched $4 apiece.

Also selling fast were 12-ounce bottles of alcohol for $3.

Hopkins said all the products came from China, where the coronavirus originated.

“I tell them it’s from Mexico, they don’t want to buy anything from China. I want to make money!” he told The Post.

His supplier ripped open boxes that read “Made in China.”

“This stuff probably has tons of carona already!” said the man, who declined to give his name as he opened a box of Safeguard hand sanitizer.

The buyers, who did not want to be interviewed, plunked down cash to buy the items in bulk.

Masks were a hot commodity, with boxes of 50 going for a whopping $70 each before running out. Boxes of 20 masks sold for $50 each.

“We don’t have the surgical masks. These are just the regular ones,” the supplier said.

“They usually go for $10, but because of this,” he added, pointing to the crowd.

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