Race car launches off speedway in Florida then hits pace vehicle

Race car launches off speedway in Florida then hits pace vehicle

Race car flies off speedway track then nosedives onto the pace vehicle and bounces through the air to be left a smoldering wreck

  • Dramatic crash caught on camera at Citrus County Speedway in Florida 
  • Footage shows car hitting a ramp unexpectedly and launching into the air 
  • The mid-race accident shocks spectators who can be heard gasping
  • Car is left smoldering as a rescue cart races to assist the driver  

This is the shocking moment a race car launched into the air then smashed down onto another vehicle. 

Spectators witnessed the dramatic crash at Citrus County Speedway in Inverness, Florida.

Footage shows racers jostling for position on the track as they complete a circuit at the sports venue.

During the the loop round the track, the pace car separates off from the rest of the group.

Another car heads straight into a ramp and launches high above the other drivers as they carry on.

Stunned witnesses can be heard gasping in disbelief as the vehicle soars though the air. 

Pictured: The cars loop around the track before one veers off, hits a ramp and soars through the air before taking a nosedive 

Pictured: The car comes crashing down onto another vehicle off the track while other vehicles race around the track 

Then it comes crashing down, taking a nose-dive onto a car parked at the centre of the circuit.

It slams onto the stationary vehicle before bouncing off and onto the floor at the speedway.

The pace car is left smoking at the scene while a rescue cart darts across the circuit to help out.  

The driver was injured in the crash but the hit he sustained was reportedly minor.  

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