Shock moment Trump supporters hit with fireworks while eating at restaurant after 'million MAGA' march as man arrested

Shock moment Trump supporters hit with fireworks while eating at restaurant after 'million MAGA' march as man arrested

THIS is the shocking moment fireworks were thrown at Donald Trump supporters at a restaurant after the "Million MAGA" march.

Washington DC detectives arrested Javien Michael Dawson, 26, in connection with the incident on Saturday, which saw Trump fans attacked at a restaurant after the rally.

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In the clip, a large group can be seen descending on PJ Clarke’s restaurant – just blocks away from the White House – before chaos ensues.

The heated discussion is between Trump supporters and the raging crowd, when someone sets off fireworks, which then explode on the patio.

"At approximately 5.40pm, the suspect discharged a commercial grade firework at several victims at the listed location," cops said. "The suspect fled the scene but was apprehended by responding officers."

This is when tensions reach boiling point and police arrive on the scene to separate enraged the opposing sides.

Curse words were hurled and it wasn't immediately clear if anyone had been hurt in the violent scuffle.

WRC-TV reported that Dawson was booked on Sunday and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon in one of some 20 arrests made hours after MAGA fans flocked to the capitol.

Trump supporters descended on DC to parrot Potus' claims of a rigged election after Joe Biden won the popular vote and received a whopping 290 electoral votes.

The race was called for Biden since November 7 but Trump has yet to concede though insiders said that he is aware that he lost, reports said.

But the situation escalated in Washington when pro and anti-Trump factions verbally attacked each other.

The all-black wearing Refuse Fascism group got into a shouting match with Trump supporters during the speeches and punches flew.

One Trump loyalist used a megaphone as a weapon as the enormous rally pushed counter-protesters towards police, who were keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Peter Kohn of Staten Island, New York, was booked for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and Frederick Brown, 25, of Northwest DC was arrested for Theft charges on 15th Street.

"The victim [Brown] took the suspect's property [Kohn] and attempted to flee the scene," police said. "The suspect was able to stop the victim. The suspect then struck the victim multiple times with a flagpole.

"Both parties were apprehended at the scene."

A total of six people were charged with weapons offenses as the protest sparked widespread civil unrest.

Four of these suspects were carrying guns with a permit and two were charged with assaulting a police officer, per the New York Post.

The other people booked by DC officers were hit with assault, theft, or disorderly conduct charges..

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