The Kid Laroi's mum Sloane Howard has credit card fraud charge dropped

The Kid Laroi's mum Sloane Howard has credit card fraud charge dropped

The Kid Laroi’s mother has fraud charge DROPPED after she was accused of using a man’s credit card to obtain $849 lip filler treatment

  • Australian star’s mum Sloane Howard charged with fraud
  • She pleaded not guilty in Downing Centre Local Court
  • Prosecution withdrew the charge on Wednesday 

The mother of Australian teenage rap sensation The Kid Laroi has had a charge of fraudulently using a credit card to pay for lip filler treatment at a Sydney cosmetic clinic withdrawn.

Sloane Howard, whose son’s real name is Charlton Howard, had pleaded not guilty to one count of dishonestly obtaining a financial advantage by deception.

The 51-year-old did not appear in the Downing Centre Local Court on Wednesday when the prosecution withdrew the charge but was represented by lawyer Chris Watson.

Ms Howard was also not present on July 11 last year when she was convicted in her absence of the same charge.  

The next day Ms Howard sought to have that verdict vacated with an annulment application which was successful and her not guilty plea was restored.

Sloane Howard, the mother of teenage rap sensation The Kid Laroi, has had a charge of credit card fraud withdrawn. She had been accused of using someone else’s details to spend $849 at a Sydney cosmetic clinic. Mother and son are pictured

After returning to Australia from Los Angeles in May last year to tour with her son, Ms Howard attended a police station in central Sydney where she was charged with fraud. The Kid Laroi is pictured with girlfriend Katarina Deme

Police originally alleged Ms Howard used the credit card details of a John Keith to pay for a lip filler treatment worth $849 at the Laser Clinics outlet at Marrickville Metro shopping centre on August 8, 2018. 

Magistrate Susan McIntyre had found the offence proven, fined Ms Howard $1,000 and ordered her to pay $849 in compensation to Laser Clinic Australia. 

The case was listed for hearing on Wednesday and no explanation was given for the charge being withdrawn.

Mother and son returned triumphantly to Australia in late May last year for the local leg of a world tour which was interrupted by Ms Howard facing the old fraud charge. 

Police had alleged 51-year-old Ms Howard used the credit card details of a John Keith to pay for cosmetic services worth $849 from Laser Clinics Australia at Marrickville Metro Shopping Centre (above) on August 8, 2018

The Kid Laroi – who takes his name from his Indigenous Kamilaroi ancestry – owes much of his success to Ms Howard, whose musical tastes shaped her son’s and who closely manages his affairs. 

On Mother’s Day in 2020, he paid tribute to her as ‘the strongest woman I know’.

‘I’ve seen you literally put your own life on the line to make sure I always had the best, even in the worst [times].’

The Kid Laroi has previously discussed the lengths his mother went to in supporting him and his younger brother Austin after her separation in 2007 from her husband, music producer Nick Howard.

After his parents parted ways Ms Howard took her sons to Broken Hill in far western New South Wales where she set up a talent agency before returning to Sydney about 2017.

The Kid Laroi has spoken at length about his time in public housing and how his family was evicted from one block of units.

Since the Aria-winner broke through to global superstardom in 2020, his mother and Austin have lived in Los Angeles with him.

The now 19-year-old has gone on to record duets with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and recently signed with Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

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