Therapist mom who killed twin daughters, 7, shared article about how 'narcissistists are incapable of loving their kids'

Therapist mom who killed twin daughters, 7, shared article about how 'narcissistists are incapable of loving their kids'

A THERAPIST mom is accused of murdering her young twins posted a series of cryptic articles to Facebook the night they died.

Michele Boudreau Deegan, 55, posted an articled headlined: "Narcissistic Parents Are Literally Incapable Of Loving Their Children" the night before she and her seven-year-old children were found dead.

The 55-year-old licensed mental health practitioner had been locked in a fierce custody battle with her ex and was recently granted shared custody of their twins, Katie Elizabeth and Mairy Anneliese.

But a pal insisted the woman was not evil, telling The Daily Beast: "She is not a monster. That’s the first thing I would say."

The 55-year-old had been struggling with her mental health for months ahead of the final court showdown.

Deegan's roommate told The Daily Beast she had been spending long periods of time in bed and barely ate.

She had also allegedly filed for bankruptcy and had owed money to an ex-girlfriend.

She was granted joint custody of her twins along with their dad on October 20.

The arrangement would see the girls spending alternating days of the week at each of their houses and both having a say in decisions relating to education and healthcare.


Following the ruling Deegan is said to have texted a friend saying: "Just lost everything".

On the night of October 23, she posted a string of cryptic Facebook messages about narcissistic parents, including one claiming mums and dads with narcissistic tenancies are incapable of love.

Police believe that same night Deegan plied her daughters with sedatives and shot them both with a handgun, before turning the firearm on herself.

Whatcom County Sheriff's Office said the divorce and custody battle are thought to be the primary motive for the murder-suicide.

Sheriff Bill Elfo confirmed that Deegan had "stated her suicidal ideations and that she would never leave her daughters alone without her," according to The Daily Mail.

The force said Deegan was the only suspect in her daughter's deaths, and pointed to evidence found at the scene that appeared to align with the theory.

Following the tragic deaths the girl's father – who has not been named publicly, wrote on Facebook: "This is truly a story rooted in mental illness and what a serious disease it can be.

"Michele was a loving mother and wife, and our family enjoyed years of beautiful love before mental illness began to creep into our lives.”

Deegan's roomate, who discovered her and her children's bodies, said the mom had "catastrophized their entire life".

Another friend added Deegan had "lost that belief that things were going to be OK in the end, that he was a good enough parent.”

If you or someone you know is affected by any of the issues raised in this story, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255) or text Crisis Text Line at 741741.

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