Ukraine war news – Evil Vladimir Putin facing backlash as grieving families RAGE over missing soldiers | The Sun

Ukraine war news – Evil Vladimir Putin facing backlash as grieving families RAGE over missing soldiers | The Sun

THE families of missing Russian soldiers have demanded answers from President Putin as the country's losses approach 40,000.

According to a report from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 106 Russian families have called on Putin to answer for their missing sons, brothers and fathers.

The letter, delivered by hand to the president’s reception office on July 26 by families, read: "We demand that our loved ones be located and added to the lists of prisoners of war who have gone missing.

"Search operations are not underway as they are registered as missing in action. For more than 5 months, the Russian Ministry of Defense has been blocking the move to alter their status, regardless of incoming reports.

"Relatives are forced to search for facts and prove on their own that their sons, or husbands are in captivity (or have died) – this is happening throughout the country. The authorized bodies perform poorly and there is no assistance from military unit commanders."

Recent reports suggest Russian losses are set to reach 40,000 in the coming days.

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    The UK is to host Eurovision contest next year

    2023’s competition will be hosted by the UK on behalf of Ukraine.

    Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won this year’s competition, however organisers agreed it would not be safe to host the show in Ukraine next year.

    The BBC said it will hold the “glorious Ukraine at it’s heart.”

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    Consultant uses artistic talent to raise medical funds for Ukraine

    A hospital consultant who took up oil painting to relax during the pressures of the Covid pandemic is now selling her creations to raise funds for Ukraine.

    Dr Jennifer Elder, a consultant respiratory physician at the Ulster Hospital, uses the scenery of the Co Down coast to inspire her pictures.

    Dr Elder, together with other doctors from across the UK, have joined MAU (Medical Aid Ukraine) which raises funds to send essential health supplies to Ukraine.

    Equipment and ambulances donated to the cause are now in active use in Ukrainian hospitals and fundraising by MAU totals almost £100,000.

    Dr Elder, who was born in Scotland but has lived in Co Down for the last 19 years, said her artwork has been inspired by beauty spots such as Strangford Lough, Murlough and Tobermory.

    She said: “I am a respiratory doctor first and foremost but one who now breathes art – there are many things that make us feel alive and, for me, painting is one of them.

    “I started to paint during lockdown as a way of escaping, after long days working in a Covid-19 high dependency ward.

    “All of us experience hundreds of different lights and moods in a day, which I hope I have captured in my paintings.

    “It is one of the reasons why I started to paint.”

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    Ukraine sends fierce message to Russians

    The Ukrainian military have sent a strong warning to Russian soldiers after achieving successful attacks on Russian occupiers in Kherson.

    The Defence of Ukraine Twitter account said: "Successful missile strikes on bridges over the Dnipro River by #UAarmy create an impossible dilemma for russian occupiers in #Kherson: retreat or be annihilated by #UAarmy.

    "The choice is theirs."

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    Russia cuts gas flows further

    Russia delivered less gas to Europe on Wednesday in a further escalation of an energy stand-off between Moscow and the European Union that will make it harder, and costlier, for the bloc to fill up storage ahead of the winter heating season.

    The cut in supplies, flagged by Gazprom earlier this week, has reduced the capacity of Nord Stream 1 pipeline – the major delivery route to Europe for Russian gas – to a mere fifth of its total capacity.

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    UK’s Ministry of Defence map update

    The UK’s Ministry of Defence have released their latest intelligence update.

    The map below shows the situation on the ground within Ukraine.

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    Hypersonic missiles

    Hypersonic missiles travel five times the speed of sound and can redirect while in the air.

    The United States, China, and Russia are locked in a new arms race to develop reliable hypersonic missile technology.

    Russia claims to have stockpiled hypersonic missiles that can be fitted with nuclear or conventional warheads and the Kremlin had previously branded the deadly weapon “unstoppable”.

    Meanwhile, the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) completed a third test flight of a hypersonic missile built by defense contractor Raytheon – the missile ripped across 300 nautical miles at speeds greater than Mach 5.

    The missile uses an air-breathing system partially powered by oxygen passing through the missile and mixing with the fuel.

    "DARPA demonstrations are always about learning, whether it’s in the interest of feasibility or practicality, and this time we certainly got new information that will further improve performance,” project manager Andrew "Tippy" Knoedler said in a press release.

    The United States Department of Defense 2023 budget allocates almost $5billion in funding for the research, development, testing, and evaluation of hypersonic missile projects.

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    Russia Today loses court fight

    State-controlled media outlet Russia Today on Wednesday lost its court fight against a European Union ban imposed in March over alleged disinformation, prompting the Kremlin to warn of retaliatory measures against Western media.

    Europe's second highest court upheld the EU decision, taken after Brussels accused Russia Today of systematic disinformation over Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

    "The Grand Chamber of the General Court dismisses RT France's application for annulment of acts of the Council, adopted following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, temporarily prohibiting that organisation from broadcasting content," the Luxembourg-based General Court said.

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    Putin suffers fresh humiliation as T-72 tanks destroyed

    Ukraine have released footage of a successful drone attack on Russian T-72 tanks.

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    UK’s Ministry of Defence latest update

    Russian private military firm Wagner has likely made tactical advances in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, British military intelligence said on Wednesday.

    The MoD said: "Russian private military company Wagner has likely succeeded in making tactical advances in the Donbas around the Vuhlehirska Power Plant and the nearby village of Novoluhanske.

    "Some Ukrainian forces have likely withdrawn from the area."

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    'We are in danger'

    Piers Morgan has said that Zelensky is the No1 target for the Russians and his family No2.

    When Piers discussed the attempted assassinations with Zelensky and his wife it was obvious that the couple had been fearing the possibility for some time.

    Olena Zelenska said: "It’s an unpleasant feeling.

    "I don’t want to think that they want to do this to our family. I’m trying to push these kinds of thoughts away.

    "You can see what they did to civilians and what they are doing now, in any part of our country.

    "I don’t understand what they’ve got in mind, and possibly we are in danger.

    "I don’t want to allow these kinds of thoughts to go deep into my mind because I could feel scared, and this is not what we need right now."

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    First Ukraine grain exports likely this week – Turkish official

    The headquarters overseeing exports of Ukrainian grains is set to be unveiled in Istanbul on Wednesday after a landmark U.N. deal last week, and a senior Turkish official said the first ship is likely to depart Black Sea ports in a few days.

    Russia and Ukraine signed the deal on Friday, brokered by Ankara and the United Nations, to reopen grain and fertiliser exports that have been blocked by war to ease an international food crisis.

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    Zelensky nominates lawmaker from own party as prosecutor general

    Zelensky has nominated Andriy Kostin, a lawmaker from the president's Servant of the People party, to be the country's next prosecutor general.

    Zelensky submitted a formal request to parliament for the assembly to vote to confirm Kostin's appointment to replace Iryna Venediktova, who was removed as prosecutor general earlier this month.

    It was not immediately clear when parliament will vote on Kostin's appointment.

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    Boris presents Zelenskyy with Churchill Leadership award

    Boris Johnson yesterday presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy with the Sir Winston Churchill Leadership Award, drawing comparisons between the two leaders in times of crises.

    Zelenskyy accepted the award by video link during a ceremony at Johnson’s London office that was attended by members of the Churchill family, Ukrainian Ambassador Vadym Prystaiko and Ukrainians who have received training from British soldiers.

    Johnson recalled how Zelenskyy confirmed on February 24 that Russia had invaded, adding: “In that moment of supreme crisis, you faced a test of leadership that was, in its way, as severe as Churchill’s challenge in 1940.”

    Zelenskyy thanked Johnson and Britain for their support.

    The two men have formed a close relationship since Johnson became the first Western leader to visit Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. Earlier this month, Zelenskyy said he was saddened when Johnson quit as Conservative Party leader after months of ethics scandals.

    The Ukrainian leader received a standing ovation in the British Parliament in March, when he invoked one of Churchill’s most famous speeches and vowed to fight Russian troops in the air, sea and on the streets.

    The Churchill leadership award was first presented in 2006. Past recipients include Prince Charles, former British Prime Ministers Margaret Thatcher and John Major, and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Russian Wagner Group militia 'likely' to have made advances in Donbas: MoD

    Russian private military firm Wagner has likely made tactical advances in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, British military intelligence said on Wednesday.

    The advances were made around the Vuhlehirska Power Plant and the nearby village of Novoluhanske, the Ministry of Defence said on Twitter, adding that some Ukrainian forces have likely withdrawn from the area. 

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    Ukraine projects it will recapture Kherson by September

    The Ukrainian military forces aim to retake Kherson from Russian occupation.

    It is hoped that this could be achieved by September with the help of western aid.

    Aid sent from the west has has been a “turning point” for Ukrainian forces in defending their nation’s sovereignty and people.

  • Louis Allwood

    Putin health scare

    Vladimir Putin required paramedics at his bedside after he suffered a "severe" health scare on the weekend, new reports have claimed.

    According to the Telegram channel which claims to monitor the Russian leader's health, Vladimir Putin suffered a case of "severe nausea".

    This occurred overnight on Friday into Saturday morning, as medical professionals reportedly rushed to his bedside.

    The medical help stayed with the dictator for around three hours according to the General SVR channel.

    It is thought he may even be replaced by a body double, or "deepfakes," forging his appearance while he recovers from the mystery illness.

    This comes after Britain's MI6 director announced: "There is no evidence that Putin is suffering from serious illness," which Richard Moore told a security summit in America last week.

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    Klitschko brothers tell Piers Morgan of tortured kids and bodies crushed by tanks

    The Klitschko brothers have revealed the horrors of the war in Ukraine in a moving chat with The Sun's Piers Morgan.

    Piers flew to Kyiv for a world exclusive TalkTV sit-down chat with the boxing legends – which will be shown tonight at 8pm.

    The brothers are now heroically standing up for their country against Russia's brutal invasion.

    Wladimir and Vitali have been on the frontline of the fight against Vladimir Putin – with all out war raging in Ukraine for the best part of six months.

    Ukraine continues to mount a valiant defence against the the much larger Russian invading force – being supported with weapons and aide from a Western effort being led by Britain.

    But the war has seen atrocities committed routinely by the Russians, with cities left decimated, civilians brutalised, and children killed.

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    Russia to withdraw from International Space Station

    Russia has said it will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024.

    They will instead focus on building their own orbital outpost.

    Yuri Borisov, who was appointed to lead the state-controlled space corporation Roscosmos earlier this month said "the decision to leave the station after 2024 has been made."

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    EU renews Russian sanctions

    The European Union has decided to renew its sanctions against Russia.

    The sanctions will now last for a further six months, until the end of January 2023.

    The decision was taken by EU energy ministers and refers to sanctions that were first introduced in 2014.

  • Louis Allwood

    Ukraine projects to recapture Kherson by September

    The Ukrainian military forces aim to retake Kherson from Russian occupation.

    It is hoped that this could be achieved by September with the help of western aid.

    Aid sent from the west has has been a “turning point” for Ukrainian forces in defending their nation’s sovereignty and people.

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    UK's Ministry of Defence latest update

    Russia has claimed to have hit a "Ukrainian warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles" despite their being no "indication that such targets were at the location" according to the UK's Ministry of Defence.

    The MoD said: "On 24 July 2022, Russian cruise missiles hit the dock-side in Ukraine’s Odesa Port.

    "The Russian MoD claimed to have hit a Ukrainian warship and a stockpile of anti-ship missiles.

    "There is no indication that such targets were at the location the missiles hit.

    "Russia almost certainly perceives anti-ship missiles as a key threat which is limiting the effectiveness of their Black Sea Fleet."

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    Russian cruise missile strikes

    The Ukrainian military on Tuesday reported Russian cruise missile strikes in the south and that Ukrainian forces had hit enemy targets.

    Serhiy Bratchuk, a spokesman from the military administration in Odesa, told a Ukrainian television channel that a missile fired from the direction of the Black Sea had struck the region, but gave no information on casualties.

    East of Odesa along the Black Sea coast, port infrastructure at Mykolaiv was damaged by an attack, according to the mayor Oleksandr Senkevich.

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    Doomsday weapon

    The Poseidon nuclear drone that can trigger tsunamis

    • Putin’s massive Poseidon drone will carry a two-megaton nuclear weapon
    • It could be in regular operation this year
    • Putin said the weapon was designed so Russia could destroy enemy naval bases
    • If deployed underwater, it could cause a tsunami as big as 300ft
    • It will travel at speeds of 60-70 knots underwater in a specially built submarine
    • The weapon was unveiled by Vladimir Putin during his State of the Nation address on March 1, 2018
    • Experts have warned the damage could match Japan’s 2011 tsunami when 20,000 people died

    Missile attacks in Black Sea coastal regions

    Russia said it will cut gas supplies to Europe from Wednesday in a blow to countries that have backed Ukraine.

    It comes as missile attacks in Black Sea coastal regions raised doubts about whether Russia will stick to a deal to let Ukraine export grain.

    The first ships from Ukraine may set sail in days under a deal agreed on Friday, the United Nations said, despite a Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian port of Odesa over the weekend.

    A spokesman for the military administration in the saying another missile had hit the Odesa region on Tuesday morning.

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