Video shows woman spitting in the face of a Harrods security guard

Video shows woman spitting in the face of a Harrods security guard

Shocking footage shows woman spitting in the face of a Harrods security guard before being wrestled to the ground by TWELVE of them after she was ejected from the store with a friend ‘for refusing to wear face masks’

  • A video of the incident outside Harrods has been obtained by the MailOnline
  • It shows three women being removed from the high-end department store
  • Two of the women are alleged to have not been wearing their face masks 
  • One of the women is shown in the video spitting in the face of one of the guards
  • She is then seen being chased across the street and wrestled to the ground 

Shocking footage showing a women spitting in the face of a Harrods security guard before being wrestled to the ground has been obtained by the MailOnline.

Two women are said to have been removed from the store for not wearing protective face masks – as is currently required by UK law due to the coronavirus pandemic – along with a third women shown n the video.

The video shows a scuffle breaking out between the women and twelve security guards blocking them from getting back into the store.

Amid the scuffle, one of three women is seen spitting in the face of one of the guards, before being chased down and dragged to the ground by the men.

A fight broke out between a group of women and security guards in front of high-end London department store Harrods on Friday. Three women were shown in a video of the incident being removed from the store by a group of 12 guards

The video – filmed by someone standing on the Knightsbridge street outside – begins with the guards bundling the group of women out of the store and onto the street outside, as one of the women is shown kicking one of the men. 

Another of the women is seen trying to push the guards back, the number of which outside the store quickly increases as they block the entrance.

One of the guards is seen holding on to one of the women, who screams ‘What the f*** are you doing?’ repeatedly as he pulls her to one side of the entrance.

Pointing to her friend being pushed by the guard, another of the women asks other people standing outside to ‘record it’.

Meanwhile, the third women who was pushed out of the shop is shown trying to drag her friend away from the guards, who begin to get more aggressive. 

By this point, a number of people outside the shop are shown filming the incident unfold, one of the women can be heard screaming, and a bystander has been able to get himself between the women and the guards.

Just when it appears the two groups have been pulled apart, one of the tree women leans over the top of the bystander and spits in the face of one of the guards.

After spitting at one of the guards, the women who spat is shown in the video running away from them down the street. She is chased across the road, before a large group of the guards catches up with her

After being caught by the security guards, the woman who spat is shown in the video being dragged to the floor and detained

This results in the women running off down the street and into the road, with the guards chasing her while trying to push her friends away. 

The guards quickly catch up with the women who spat at them, and she is dragged to the floor in the middle of the road between two lanes of traffic. 

She starts to repeatedly scream ‘What the f***’ as she is surrounded by the security guards on the street, at which point the video cuts off.

Both Harrods and London’s Metropolitan Police have been contacted by the MailOnline for comment on the incident.

The identities of the women and security guards involved is currently unknown. 

According to UK law, security guards have no more legal powers when it comes to detaining civilians than any other member of the public.

However, like anyone else, security guards are entitled to make a citizens arrest under certain conditions, outlined in the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984. 

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