We hated our neighbour's plants and got them taken down – but we didn't expect the result | The Sun

We hated our neighbour's plants and got them taken down – but we didn't expect the result | The Sun

NEIGHBOURS who whinged about a gardener's plants outside her home have revealed they didn't get the result they expected after complaining.

Alexandra Wilson-Jones was warned she had to remove the colourful array of potted plants outside her home on King Charles’s Poundbury estate in Dorset last year.

Her neighbours had complained, according to the Duchy of Cornwall, which runs the estate.

Some 12 months later Alexandra has moved out and the courtyard is completely bare.

But her neighbours have now claimed the plants actually brightened up the drab courtyard.

The Duchy of Cornwall previously said that while it welcomes moves to brighten the area, the plants were being stored in a communal courtyard "without approval."

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The Duchy also claimed to have received "a large collection" of complaints from locals.

Alexandra previously said: "The Duchy have told me to significantly modify and reduce my planting down, and if I haven't done it by the end of January, it will need to be removed entirely."

Alexandra has now moved from The Duchy of Cornwall estate and is in the process of buying a house 50 miles away.

But some of her former neighbours yesterday said they were sorry to see Alexandra leave.

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Neighbours on the Duchy of Cornwall development are reluctant to be named for fear of upsetting officials on the Poundbury estate.

One neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said: “As far as I’m concerned she was doing nothing wrong.

“The plants were a real delight to behold and really brightened up the place.

“There are no front gardens in this part of the estate and so her plant pots distracted from the stone houses. “

Another neighbour added: “People would come from other parts of the development just to have a look and get inspired by what Alexandra was doing with her plant pots.

“Last year the display was wonderful and I can’t believe anyone would complain about such a beautiful array of plants. “

Another neighbour said: “Many people feel that Alexandra was drummed off the estate for bringing a touch of individuality to the place.

“It doesn’t help to make enemies in this place because you can quickly be made to feel very uncomfortable.

“But my husband and I loved being able to look out onto the courtyard and see her display.”

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Alexandra left Poundbury in January and her plants have moved with her to a new home.

A spokesman for the Duchy of Cornwall declined to comment.

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