Who is Maggie Haberman? | The Sun

Who is Maggie Haberman? | The Sun

MAGGIE Haberman is an American journalist currently working for the New York Times.

Haberman is known for her coverage of former President Donald Trump, which she started in 2011, well before Trump became the Republican nominee and eventual winner of the 2016 election.

Who is Maggie Haberman?

Haberman, 48, is the daughter of famed New York Times reporter Clyde Haberman. 

Clyde was an inductee of the exclusive New York Press Club Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Walter Cronkite and Tom Brokaw.

After attending high school in New York City, Maggie enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College and graduated in 1995.

She got her start in political reporting at the city level, covering City Hall for the New York Post in the late 1990s.

Haberman’s career arc includes stints at the New York Post, Politico, and CNN before landing at the New York Times. 

Her work since 2016 has been almost exclusively about the 45th President; she is cited 24 times in the Mueller Report, the most of any journalist. 

Critics have labeled Haberman as a mouthpiece for former President Donald Trump. 

Haberman shared the cover art for her latest book about Trump, called Confidence Man, with her 1.7million Twitter followers on February 10, 2022. 

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Is Maggie Haberman married?

Haberman married Dareh Ardashes Gregorian in 2003 and they have three children together.

Her father-in-law is the noted academic and human rights advocate Vartan Gregorian.

As far as celebrity journalists go, Haberman is one of the most recognizable names in print.

She shared the Pulitzer Prize with colleagues for their reporting on Trump’s connections to Russia and made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers that year.

What is Maggie Haberman's book on Donald Trump?

Haberman is set to release her new book, Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America, on October 4, 2022.

The book delves into Trump's false claims that the presidency had been stolen from him and his alleged refusal to leave the White House.

In the book, Haberman reports that Trump told one aide: “I’m just not going to leave" and reportedly told another: “We’re never leaving. How can you leave when you won an election?”

However, according to Haberman, Trump had initially appeared to recognize he had lost the election in November and reportedly told one advisor: “We did our best.”

Trump allegedly told junior press aides: “I thought we had it."

Haberman has received criticism for withholding the comments reported in the excerpt of her book.

Michael J Stern, an opinion columnist for USA Today tweeted: "Maggie Haberman's new book includes Trump being so unhinged, he refused to leave the White House after losing.

"Journalists who write books have a conflict of interest when they withhold valuable information so they can include it in their book, years in the future. It stinks."

However, a spokesperson for The New York Times told The Wrap: “Maggie Haberman took leave from The Times to write her book.

“In the course of reporting the book, she shared considerable newsworthy information with The Times."

The spokesperson added: "Editors decided what news was best suited for our news report.”

What is Maggie Haberman's net worth?

According to FamousIntel, Haberman has a net worth of approximately $3million.

As former President Trump continues to hold the attention of the politisphere from Mar-A-Lago, Haberman continues to cover him for the New York Times.

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Haberman’s colleagues at The New York Times reported on the sheer volume of books the former president has generated, citing over 1,200 individual titles reaching publication. 

Haberman’s Confidence Man can be preordered on Amazon for the Kindle for $15.99 or hardcover for $30.00.

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