Who will be the next London mayor?

Who will be the next London mayor?

LONDONERS voted in the capital's mayor Sadiq Khan just a month before Britain's referendum on leaving the EU.

But now the time has come to vote again. Let's take a look at the candidates so far…

Who could be London's mayor?

Labour – Sadiq Khan

Khan is seeking a second term as Mayor after he was first elected in 2016 with 44.2 per cent of the vote.

But even as a favourite fighting for re-election in Labour-dominated London, Khan has a fight on his hands.

After a honeymoon first year, satisfaction ratings slumped to their lowest level this summer.

A YouGov poll found only 30 per cent of Londoners were satisfied with his leadership, and 33 per cent dissatisfied.

While widely praised for showing the capital as open and inclusive, his leadership has been marred by a perceived inability to tackle big issues such as transport infrastructure and knife crime.

The 48-year-old son of a bus driver, London's first Muslim mayor, will need to convince voters he has what it takes to steer the capital through the next four years.

Conservatives – Shaun Bailey

Tory candidate Shaun Bailey, 48, is the son of a lorry driver, whose grandfather came to Britain from Jamaica as part of the Windrush generation.

Bailey joined the Army cadets while still a teenager and remained with them for another 10 years.

In 2006, he co-founded MyGeneration, a charity for young people, which closed in 2012 due to financial problems.

He attempted to be selected in a number of London constituencies in 2017, including Kensington, Croydon South and Uxbridge South and Ruislip.

Green Party – Sian Berry

The Greens' co-leader will be standing once again as a 2020 mayoral candidate.

Berry, 45, finished third behind Khan and his rival Zac Goldsmith in 2016.

And she also stood in 2008, coming fourth.

Berry intends to focus on the city's housing crisis in this comping campaign

She said the Greens were the “only party Londoners can trust to deliver on their promises” with regard to housing.

Renew – Kam Balayev

The Renew party candidate is Kam Balayev

He has worked in the international law, global risk and transnational business.

Independent – Count Binface

Count Binface has previously challenged both Theresa May and Prime Minister Boris Johnson in general elections.

Burning Pink – Valerie Brown

Brown has described herself as a mother, grandmother and vigilante.

Independent – Piers Corbyn

Piers Corbyn, the brother of the former Labour leader, will run as an independent.

The 73-year-old, from Southwark, south London, is a well known climate change denier and also claims the coronavirus pandemic is a hoax.

He also promotes the conspiracy theories around the 5G mobile network.

Mr Corbyn was born in Chippenham, Wiltshire, and grew up at the family home Yew Tree Manor.

He has a masters degree in Astrophysics from the University of London.

Independent – Drillminister

Drillminister is a London-born drill rapper.

Reclaim Party – Laurence Fox

The controversial former actor turned political campaigner is taking on Sadiq Khan and Shaun Bailey in the contest on May 6.

He has launched a new "anti-woke" movement, called the Reclaim Party, which is pushing for the lifting of all Coronavirus restrictions.

Mr Fox, who was married to Billie Piper and starred in crime drama Lewis from 2006-2015, has repeatedly courted controversy since leaving acting.

In January last year he sparked fury with remarks on Question Time about the media's treatment of Meghan Markle.Later that month he caused further controversy by saying black and working class actors only complain about social justice "after becoming famous".In January this year he sparked a backlash after tweeting a picture of himself wearing a Covid mask "exemption badge" he bought on Amazon.

UKIP – Peter Gammons

Heritage Party – David Kurten

Mr Kurten is a former teacher.

He sits wth the brexit Alliance Group on the London Assembly.

Independent – Farah London

Ms London is a Croydon-born businesswoman.

She has worked in the commercial sector for 22 years.

Unity In Action – Winston McKenzie

Winston Truman McKenzie is a founder and leader of Unity in Action.

He has been a member of every major political party.

Mr McKenzie worked as a boxer and was a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

Independent – Nims Obunge

Mr Obunge is a pastor who will run in this year's mayoral election.

He is the executive of The Peace Alliance which was set up to tackle knife crime.

Liberal Democrats – Luisa Porritt.

Ms Porritt is a Camden councillor.

She served as a MEP between 2019 and 2020 for the Lib Dems.

Independent – Rosalind Readhead

Ms Readhead is an enviormental campaigner who will run as an independent.

Women's Equality Party – Mandu Reid

Ms Reid is the leader of the Women's Equality Party.

She has worked for all three of London's previous mayors.

Independent – Brian Rose

Mr Rose ia a former banker.

He founded the media firm London Real.




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