Woman who 'shot Brooklyn mom execution-style' is captured in Florida

Woman who 'shot Brooklyn mom execution-style' is captured in Florida

Female suspect is captured in Florida three months after ‘casually walking up to single mom, 42, and executing her on Brooklyn street’

  • Claudia Williams, 42, allegedly walked up to single mother Delia Johnson, also 42, and shot her point blank in the back of the head
  • Cops tracked Williams down after three months on the run to Jacksonville, Florida, 1,012 miles away from where the shooting happened in Brooklyn
  • The killing in Crown Heights was caught on video and Johnson’s mother recognized her daughter’s killer instantly 

Claudia Williams, 42, was arrested Monday by Florida law enforcement

A woman who allegedly walked up to single mom and shot her in the back of the head point blank was captured Monday by cops more than 1,000 miles away, after she was suspected of going on the run for three months.

Claudia Williams, 42, was arrested Monday by Florida law enforcement in Jacksonville after she was wanted in connection with the August killing of single mother Delia Johnson, also 42, in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 1,012 miles away.

The shooting was caught on camera and shows the moments before and after Johnson was shot while she chatted to her friends, who sitting on a sidewalk stoop. 

Johnson’s mother Delia Berry said they knew Johnson’s assassin as a ‘family friend’ and the 42-year-old mom of a 17-year-old girl was lured to her death by a phone call.

‘I know her,’ Berry said when she saw the picture, according to the New York Post.

‘Oh my God, oh my God, she used to stay with us.

‘She slept in my bed, ate my food.’

‘She was one of my babies too,’ Berry told PIX 11 news.

Johnson was talking to a group of people in Crown Heights at around 9.40pm on August 4 when a blonde woman dressed in all black walked up to her from behind and shot her in the back of the head.

Delia Johnson, 42, (right) was a single mother killed in Brooklyn when she was allegedly shot in the back of the head by a person her mother claimed was a family friend. New York Police Department issued an image of the female shooter (left)

Shocking video shows the female assassin raising a gun to a woman on a Brooklyn sidewalk and shooting her dead. The victim, named by police as Delia Johnson, 42, was speaking to a group on a stoop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, when she was shot in the head

It was alleged the killer and Johnson (pictured) had been at a funeral together on the same day she was shot 

Delia Berry says she’s ‘very angry’ but ‘doesn’t hate’ the woman who fatally shot her daughter – Delia Johnson – in an execution-style shooting and will ‘continue to pray’ for her and her family

Johnson is seen on the video collapsing to the ground in front of horrified onlookers as her killer calmly makes her way toward a parked white car, gets in the driver’s seat and takes off from the scene.

One of Johnson’s younger sisters, Hadjah Pendley, called the suspect ‘a family friend who came to our family events, celebrations, holidays – whatever you want to call it, she came.’

Berry reportedly noted to PIX 11 that the suspect and Johnson had a tumultuous friendship in recent weeks in which they would ‘argue about everything.’

She now says she wants to know why the suspect, who has not yet been named, would murder her daughter.

‘Why did you slaughter her like that?’ she asked. ‘I just want to know why.

‘What could she have done to you that you couldn’t come and knock on my door and tell me? I would have straightened it out for both of you all.

‘You are hurting families,’ Berry told the Post. ‘I’m in so much pain, I don’t know what to do.

‘She was my baby,’ Berry said, adding: ‘This person that shot my daughter, may God have mercy on your family, because we put curses on ourselves when we do things.’

Mathis Johnson, Delia’s brother, told the New York Daily News that his sister had attended a funeral for an old friend earlier that day.

The service drew hundreds of mourners, and Mathis claims the suspected killer was among them.

Mathis said he saw the black-clad woman with long blonde hair at the Sealy Culyer Funeral Home, about four blocks away.

Johnson was reportedly talking to some friends afterwards when she received a phone call.

‘She said ‘I’ll be right back,” longtime friend Shawn Johnson, 43, told the New York Post. ‘Twenty minutes later, somebody called me and told me she got shot. I told him he was lying. I was just standing here with her.’ 

Delia Berry, Johnson’s mother, said she now wants to know why the suspect killed her daughter

Berry, left, said Johnson, right, her first-born child, helped take care of her after she underwent surgery and would bring her food

Another of Johnson’s sister, Khadyah Berry, 28, told the Post she was looking for a parking space when she saw an ambulance passing that night, not realizing it was for her sister.

‘I ran down the street trying to get to her, but by the time I got to her, they took her,’ Khadyah recounted, claiming she ‘knew in my heart that somebody called her and knew what it was and set my sister up. Nobody can tell me otherwise.’

She added: ‘My sister didn’t deserve that all.’

Delia’s family members said she was an entrepreneur who was raising her 17-year-old. 

Her mother also described her as her first-born child who excelled in piano and tap dancing, and later took care of her as she became ill.

‘I will never forget when I was in so much pain and she was right there for me,’ Berry recalled to the Post about a surgery she underwent, and how Johnson was the first one at the hospital to help her.

‘I am going to miss her bringing me some food when I wasn’t feeling well,’ she said, adding: ‘When a child can wash and clean their own mother, that’s love.

‘She’d say ‘You know you get [on] my nerves sometimes, Mommy, but you know I love you,” Berry told the Post. ‘I’d say, ‘You get on my nerves too, but I love you too.’

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