WWE board investigates CEO Vince McMahon for hush money claims

WWE board investigates CEO Vince McMahon for  hush money claims

WWE board investigates billionaire CEO Vince McMahon, 76, for hush money payments ‘to female employees including paralegal he gave $3million to after their affair ended’

  • Vince McMahon allegedly had an affair with the paralegal who is now 41 
  • It’s unclear when the romance occurred but he doubled her salary from $100k to $200k during the relationship, according to The Wall Street Journal 
  • McMahon then allegedly her $3million to keep quiet about the romance after she quit WWE 
  • The woman told friends that he ‘passed her like a toy’ to WWE head of talent John Laurinaitis
  • Now, the WWE board’s investigation has uncovered previous payments to women who accused Laurinaitis and McMahon of misconduct 
  • It’s unclear if the pair remain in their positions at the billion dollar company 

WWE wrestling is investigating claims its married, longtime CEO Vince McMahon gave female employees hush money payments, including a paralegal who he allegedly paid $3million after doubling her salary while they were having an affair. 

McMahon, 76, is married to former Trump administration official Linda McMahon and the pair have two adult children, one of whom sits on the WWE board along with her father. 

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal on Thursday, the 12-person board has retained a legal firm to investigate claims that McMahon has been paying female employees off – using his own money – after being accused of misconduct. 

The investigation began in April after the board received emails from the friend of an unnamed, 41-year-old paralegal. 

McMahon has served as CEO of the multi-billion dollar company since 2009 and is said to be worth $2billion.  

WWE wrestling is investigating Vince McMahon over claims he paid women hush money after they accused him of misconduct, including a 41-year-old paralegal who says he gave her $3million after they had an affair 

McMahon is married to Trump aide Linda McMahon, who served as the head of the Small Business Administration during Trump’s presidency 

She said that McMahon hired her on a salary of $100,000, then doubled that salary after they began having sex. She alleges that he then ‘passed her like a toy’ to John Laurinaitis, the head of talent at WWE. 

The woman’s friend said that their affair ended, she received ‘millions’ from McMahon through his attorney Jerry McDevitt. 

McDevitt neither confirmed nor denied that McMahon had given the woman millions, or that they had an affair, but he did say the woman never accused him of harassment. 

He added that no company money was used to pay her off. 

After receiving the claim from the paralegal’s friend, the board’s investigation unearthed more alleged payments to female employees of McMahon and Laurinaitis, dating back years. 

Those allegations center around claims of unspecified misconduct but it’s unclear if the misconduct was sexual or of a different nature. 

McMahon’s attorney did not immediately respond to inquiries on Thursday afternoon, and WWE has not issued any form of statement. 

McMahon’s wife Linda with President Donald Trump in Mar-a-Lago in 2019. She now works at America First Institute 

McMahon in the ring with Umaga at a WWE event in 2007. He started his career at WWE as a ring announcer and is now rumored to be worth $2billion

Trump and McMahon at the 2011 WrestleMania 23 at Trump Tower. Trump played along with the theatrical wrestling matches for years, having a public frenemy feud with McMahon 

Trump and McMahon at the 2007 ‘Hair v Hair’ match in which they both picked a wrestler to fight each other as part of their feud. They then delighted fans with their own fake fight in the ring

It remains unclear whether he and Laurinaitis remain in their positions. 

Laurinaitis is also married but it’s unclear if he was married at the time of the allegations; he wed wife Kathy in 2016. 

McMahon has been CEO of WWE since 2009 and is worth $2billion 

Her daughters, Nikki and Brie Bella, are WWE stars known as The Bella Twins. 

McMahon and his family take up a quarter of the seats on the board; he is the President and his daughter, Stephanie, is also on it alongside her husband. 

His wife Linda served as the administrator of the Small Business Association during Donald Trump’s presidency. 

Now, she works at the America First Institute. She has not yet responded to the claims of her husband’s affairs or alleged payments to women. 

The McMahon family has long been synonymous with the world of WWE. 

He became involved through his own father, who gave him his first job as a ring announcer when he was a teenager. 

McMahon then climbed through the ranks of the company, which was then called the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. 

The company changed to become the World Wrestling Federation in the 1980s, then World Wrestling Entertainment years later. 

It is under McMahon’s stewardship that the sport became commercially popular, attracting millions of fans around the world through televised matches and theatrical characters.  

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